Don’t allow uranium mining near Grand Canyon

Uranium mining


Representative Gosar has not represented Arizonans very well this past week. In a letter to President Trump, Interior Secretary Zinke, Agriculture Secretary Perdue, and Forest Service Acting Secretary Vickie Christiansen he and a number of other congressmen asked for the reopening of vast areas of land around the Grand Canyon to uranium mining.

This is a terrible idea that puts the water, air, and wildlife of the Grand Canyon in serious danger of irreversible damage, not to mention Arizona’s economy. And for what? As an outdoors person, I can tell you there’s no real community benefit to mining near the canyon — unless you want to make it harder for people to safely hunt, fish, and explore in one of America’s greatest landscapes.

I hope the rest of the Arizona congressional delegation stand with hunters, anglers, and the multi-million dollar economic driver that is the Grand Canyon.

by Dorothy Howell