Foreign owned mining companies want to look for uranium near the Grand Canyon

But we know the risks outweigh the benefits. This irresponsible mining is a risk to hunters and anglers, local communities, and visitors to the Canyon. Billions of taxpayer dollars have already been spent to clean up radioactive contamination from past uranium mines. Allowing uranium mining to continue in this area is a total disregard for the health of people and wildlife. Tell Arizona’s Senators that you support protecting our hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation heritage, and to permanently end uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.

Why We Care

As wildlife and sportsmen organizations, we value our American heritage to enjoy all that our nation's public lands have to offer. We work everyday by asking our elected officials to listen to hunters, anglers, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors, and support our way of life. The Grand Canyon is an American treasure right in our backyard and is simply not the place for dangerous mining practices.


Ask your Senators to Support the Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act (HR1373)

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You Can Help

Send a letter to Secretary Zinke explaining the importance of saving this beautiful national treasure.